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Tips On Choosing The Best Wooden Kitchen Table For Your Wood Dining Room

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One of the hardest parts about creating a stylish wooden kitchen is making sure your table matches the rest of the wooden decor. The table will likely be the largest item in the room and the one that captures the most attention. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your wooden table isn't a great big clashing nightmare.

Making the Right Stain Choices

When choosing a wooden table, you may be compelled to perfectly match the rest of the wood stain colors in your kitchen. That isn't always necessary: sometimes different colors can compliment each other.

Follow these simple wood stain tips to choose the right wooden table stain color:

  • Match the undertones: each can of stain has a marker gauging whether it is "cool" or "warm." Stains of different colors will compliment each other if you match the "temperature" of the undertones.
  • Use a maximum of three wood colors: using more than three colors generally creates clashes.
  • Choose a similar grain: avoid "going against the grain" by trying to find wood grain patterns that match the rest of your kitchen's wood.
  • Place the table on a rug: an area rug that is similar in color and texture to the floor and the table will help off-set any major differences between the two.

Picking the Right Table Size

Once you have decided on the right stain color for your table, you need to decide on the best table size. This has a lot to do with the size of the room: you're going to need at least 36-48 inches of walking space between the edge of the table and the wall. Measure the width and length of the room, consider the spot where you want to place the table, and subtract those distances to find the appropriate size.

You also need to consider how many guests you're going to have at a typical meal: each should have between 24-30 inches of elbow room. Generally speaking, 72-inch tables will seat about six, 96-inch tables will seat eight, while 120-inch tables will seat 10.

Choosing the Right Chairs

If your table doesn't come with a set of chairs (a problem more common than you'd think), you may struggle to pick the right chairs. Generally speaking, chairs of 17-20 inches high are appropriate for most kitchen tables because it gives you about 12 inches of leg room underneath a 30-inch table.

However, if your kitchen table is taller or shorter than 30 inches, you need to do a little measuring. Use a tape measure to gauge the distance from the bottom of the tabletop to the floor. Subtract that distance by 12 to choose the best chair height.

When it comes to style, wooden chairs stained the same color or separated by a few shades should be perfect. The shape of the chair should match the table (round-back chairs for round tables, square back for square tables, etc.).

Avoiding Clashing with Appliances

Beyond matching the color and stain of the wooden cabinets and floor, your kitchen table should also match the colors of your appliances, i.e. white appliances should be matched with a lighter table. It should also match the general shape of the kitchen's decor. For example, a round table will work best in a kitchen with a round shape or with multiple doors that create a circular "flow" through the room.

Now that you understand how to choose dining room furniture, get out there and go looking. The wooden table of your dreams is undoubtedly out there waiting for you.