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How Should Antique Furniture Be Packaged Before Shipping?

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Antique furniture is highly valuable. The more pristine its condition, the more valuable it will be. Therefore, when antique furniture is being shipped, it is very important to pack it properly so that it is not damaged. If antique furniture is not protected while it is being transported, it could be destroyed and the owner would suffer a great financial loss.

By using several layers of packaging, your antique furniture is less likely to be damaged. You can talk to a place like Sureline Foam Products in Calgary if you need tips for packing. Read on to learn how to protect your furniture while moving.

Protective Wraps 

To prevent scratches, scuffs, and nicks on the finish of your antique furniture, it is necessary to first cover it with a protective wrap. The wrap may be made of paper, plastic, or cloth. This also helps keep dirt and dust from settling on your antique furniture. 

Completely cover the furniture with protective wrap from all sides. Secure the wrap so that it does not slip off during shipping. This also helps prevent paint or varnish from chipping on the furniture. Some protective wraps are also waterproof which makes them even better should it rain while loading and unloading the furniture.

Shock Protection 

The next layer of packaging provides shock protection for your antique furniture. This means that if the moving truck has to travel on bumpy roads during shipping, your furniture will not be damaged. Even small bumps can cause vibrations on the surface of your furniture that could be damaging to the finish.

Wrapping the furniture with a foam or rubber layer over the first protective layer cushions the furniture so that it does not vibrate or receive any hard blows that may occur during shipping. Even if you must travel an extensive distance over rocky or graveled roads, your antique furniture should not get damaged.

Protective Shell

The outer layer of the packaging is known as the protective shell. This layer is thicker and stronger and also puncture proof. It protects your antique furniture from being jabbed or poked by sharp objects that may be shipped along with it. 

This shell is often made of plywood and secured together with screws and wooden braces. The wood can also be treated with waterproofing products to prevent your furniture from being damaged by water.

With multiple layers of protective packaging, your antique furniture can be transported more safely. The same type of protective packaging can be used for both ground shipping and shipping by airplane.