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3 Ways To Fireproof Drapes

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Seven people die each day in house fires across the United States. Having furnishings and decor that don't catch fire easily can reduce your family's chances of being involved in a fatal house fire. Since drapery adds a significant amount of flammable material to any room, fireproofing your drapes can be a great fire safety step to take with your family. 

Here are three simple ways to fireproof your drapes in the future.

1. Dip your drapes in alum.

Soaking your drapery in an alum solution will help coat them in this fire resistant element. The process is simple; all you need is a large preserving pan, alum, and some hot water. Dissolve one pound of alum in one pint of hot water from your kitchen faucet. Once the alum has completely dissolved, soak your drapes in the liquid until they are soaked completely through. 

Hang your treated curtains over a clothes line or clothes rack outside and let the sun dry them. Although the fabric might be a little stiff at first, treating your drapes with alum is a great way to prevent them from catching fire in the future.

2. Invest in drapes made from fabric with a heavy knit.

When it comes to keeping your drapes from going up in flames, selecting curtains made from the right fabric can play a significant role. Fabrics with a light knit, like cotton or linen, don't shrink away from open flames. This causes light-knit fabrics to have a high rate of combustion. 

As you shop for new drapes, look for panels made from polyester instead. This material is constructed using flame-resistant fibers, making polyester drapes less likely to catch fire in the future.

3. Spray your drapes with a flame retardant.

Dousing your drapes with a homemade flame retardant could slow the burning process if a fire ever breaks out in your home. To create this homemade flame retardant, you will need hot water, borax, and a plastic spray bottle. 

Bring one cup of water to a boil, then add two and one-half teaspoons borax. Stir continuously until the borax has completely dissolved. Allow your solution to cool to room temperature, then transfer it to your plastic spray bottle. Use the spray bottle to coat your curtains with the homemade flame retardant.

Deterring house fires from consuming your home should be a top priority. By coating curtains in alum, investing in drapes made from fireproof polyester, or spraying drapery with a homemade flame retardant, you reduce the chances that your drapes will feed any house fires in the future. If you're interested in new drapes for your home, check out the drapes sold at Mayfair Drapery & Rug Co.